What Benefits Do Variable Drives Offer?

Industries can improve savings by reducing their usage of electric power. So, variable drives are essential for energy savings for most businesses across the world. Variable Frequency Drives (VFD) control the motor speed and reduce energy usage significantly. With precise and accurate control over your motor speed using VFD, you can enhance process control in production processes. Procurenet is the best source for all VFD requirements in your industry.

Improved product consistency and quality

VFD drives also improve product consistency and quality by adjusting the speed of motors. You can reduce the wear and tear on your equipment and other components and extend their lives with the help of VFD. It also reduces your maintenance costs because there is less stress on your equipment. It also improves your productivity.

Soft start of the motors

VFD ensures the soft start of your equipment and therefore reduces mechanical stress on various components and motors in your industry. So, it limits the excessive or sudden currents when your motor or system starts and prevents damage. Therefore, VFD slowly increases the speed of the motor and improves its life.

Lowers noise levels

The motor speed is controlled with the help of the VFD, which results in less noise as well. Therefore, VFD aids in reducing noise pollution and the working environment. You should be prudent when selecting a high-quality and reliable VFD from a trusted source like ProcurenetSince this vendor sources only high-quality products for customers, you can enjoy peace of mind and have fewer worries about the maintenance or replacement of systems.

Low-voltage AC drives

These products are designed to offer benefits like improved energy efficiency and lower maintenance costs. So, industries can depend on these high-quality, low-voltage drives to improve their productivity. You can choose machinery and microdrives for machine building to control process lines. The low-voltage drives from various world-renowned vendors are available on a single platform for your industry, saving you time and money.

Microdrives offer various benefits for small motors. With the help of high-quality microdrives, the smallest motors in your industry can enjoy reliability, dependability, and improved performance.

The compact design of microdrives allows for easy integration into your machines. It comes with a mounting substitute to make the process easier. It also boasts easy-to-use tools and interfaces. Each drive is tested to ensure high dependability and quality.

Machinery drives allow industries to improve their profits with flexibility and control. The essentials for motors include design flexibility and motor control, in addition to dependability. So, you can choose machine drives from a trusted vendor that suits basic to advanced machinery applications. It also offers scalability.

The benefits you enjoy with machinery drives are compatibility with various automation systems and different motors, programming to suit your application, flexible hardware to support your systems, readily available programs for various applications, and DTC (direct torque control) for sensorless motor control.

Dedicated drive solutions for your industries like water and wastewater, HVAC, escalators, and elevators. Custom-made software for your business that offers additional value. You can manage and save energy using the energy efficiency features.


Industries seeking optimal control over their processes to save energy and improve profitability by producing products with consistent quality can depend on variable-frequency drives. Various vendors from across the world offer high-quality drives to suit your business needs at affordable rates. All the products come with lifetime support and excellent customer care.