What activities can we perform with family at Dubai Safari?

The excursion to the desert is essential for the whole family. Being with children may not encourage spending a night under the stars, but you can venture out with a camel ride or a 4×4. The experience will be unique for little travellers. Among our guided tours, you will find several options to visit the desert: a dinner show, a camel ride or with a 4×4 safari. Look at them and choose the one that best suits your family.


The Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve manages the desert and has granted concessions to various companies to organise tours of the desert. All of them are referenced on the organisation’s website. The only advice we can give you is to book your visit well. The possibilities are many, and it may be that if you do it with little time, you will not be able to do the one that best suits your tastes or your budget.

Speaking of unique safari experiences, if you’re enchanted by the charm of exploring vast landscapes and witnessing wildlife in its natural habitat, you can consider extending your adventures beyond Dubai. A Tanzania Safari Vacation offers an equally thrilling yet distinct experience. Imagine immersing yourself in the Serengeti National Park, renowned for its majestic wildlife and breathtaking scenery.

You can witness the greatest terrestrial migration on planet Earth when visiting this country during the peak dry season. Planning for such a trip might raise questions about the Tanzania Safari Price, but rest assured, options are available to suit various budgets, ensuring that this once-in-a-lifetime experience is accessible to many.


We choose the package that includes the camel trek through the desert with Platinum Heritage. Unfortunately, we cannot compare with the others, but the experience was satisfactory, and everything worked like clockwork.

Once you make the reservation, they send you a confirmation number. When they send you the confirmation, they mention the approximate pick-up time in the early afternoon. In the proof, they remark that they will notify you of the exact time on the morning of the same day of the visit. To do this, you must have specified the hotel where you are staying.


An SUV will pick you up at the hotel, where you will later enter the reserve. On your way, they will explain camels and falcons’ importance in Arab tradition and culture. If it catches you on the way, you may pass a camel hospital.

Once you get to the desert, they give you a canteen to take it there and take it as a souvenir, since they do not allow plastics to enter. They will also put the typical Dubai scarf on you. It is called ghutra for boys and sheila for girls. You can take them with you as a souvenir after the visit, so you don’t need to buy souvenirs in any souks where they will offer you one.

The camel ride through the desert lasts about 45 minutes, and the truth is that it flies by. Then, with luck, you will be able to see some gazelle. More extraordinary will be that you know some oryx.


After the ride, you can enjoy a falconry display just at sunset. Although not native to Dubai, the falcon has also become a country symbol. In the falconry exhibition, they will explain the customs and habits of this bird of prey. At its maximum speed, it can reach 300 km/h, which makes it the fastest animal in the world. You can take a picture with him, before or after the exhibition—a good time to relax and enjoy.

From there, you will be taken by jeep to the Bedouin camp, where you will be greeted with rose water at the entrance. You will see how the traditional food is cooked and the bread at the centre. You can also get a henna tattoo or smoke a pipe.

You can try a whole cast of traditional Dubai food on the menu, including a lentil-based soup called sharbat. Among the starters, you will find various Dubai specialities such as kibbeh (highly spiced meatballs), cheese dumplings, hummus, and different salads.

Among the main dishes, in addition to food, you can try braised camel meat and chicken skewers, called sheesh tauk. Various types of rice and vegetables accompany all this. Be sure to try camel milk.


The day ends with a display of the country’s traditional dance, you. Dubai has several types of traditional dances. The yowla (traditional dance) is where the men perform acrobatics with their weapons while dancing. Dare to accompany them with one of the drums. With this, it will have been done at night without you realising it. And so, you will have finished an unforgettable day for both you and your children.

Thus we end our article on travelling to Dubai with children. If you want to know the entry requirements to Dubai and other practical information about the country, consult our page on Dubai. In the same way, if you have more days, remember to take a tour of the oldest part and the beach.