Turquoise Coast Adventures: Exploring Turkey’s Stunning Mediterranean

Turkey is a stunning country nestled between the Aegaean and Mediterranean Seas. Therefore, its coastline is a natural blend of natural beauty, rich history and a range of thrilling adventures. The vibrant turquoise coast will beckon you to its breathtaking landscapes stretching extensively from the southwestern tip of Turkey. With Europe Tour Packages, you can embark to this coastal region also popularly known as “Turkish Riviera” because of its treasure trove of natural wonders, ancient ruins and a warm culture.

You can indulge in all these wonderful experiences with a range of Turkey Tour Packages that will allow you to delve into this treasure trove of natural wonders and a unique blend of relaxation and exploration and of course, an unforgettable experience. The Turquoise Mediterranean coast of Turkey boasts of a diverse geography which flaunts stunning rugged cliffs, pristine beaches and crystal clear waters perfect for creating a wonderful backdrop for all your adventures.

Adventures in The Turquoise Waters 

The turquoise waters of Turkey’s coast are renowned for its crystal clear azure waters and a beautiful landscape. The Mediterranean Sea will take you in for a wondrous exploration and fun if you are a water enthusiast with its gentle waves and comfortable warmth. There are many adventures that you can embark on, in this water paradise:

  • Swimming in the azure clear waters for a relaxing and rejuvenating experience.
  • Snorkeling in the Mediterranean waters for a beautiful experience along the coast.
  • Visit the Ölüdeniz, which will be your postcard perfect lagoon framed by lush hills and the calm of turquoise waters. This place is an ideal destination for a relaxing swim or a thrilling paragliding adventure for you. You can have a bird’s-eye view of the stunning coastline that adorns Turkey.
  • A sailing expedition along the turquoise coast on a traditional Turkish gulet or a modern yacht.

Embarking on a Historical Treasure Hunt 

The Turquoise coast of Turkey will be your ultimate destination to marvel at the treasure trove of historical sites dating back to a bygone era. You can plan a trip for you and your family with diverse Turkey Tour Packages that will take you to a historical treasure hunt with a number of historical wonders that line the marvelous coastline of Turkey. This historical experience would be both adventurous and an educational excursion when you visit Turkey. Children would feel a rush of excitement as they embark on an exploratory journey to various well preserved sites near the coast of Turkey.

  • Ephesus is the most well preserved ancient city in the Mediterranean that will be your evidence of this region’s rich history, a testament of a timeless era.
  • The Library of Celsus, The Temple of Artemis, the Great Theatre are a few architectural marvels that you must visit for a historical indulgence along the coast. These are few sites among many that will teleport you to an ancient civilisation.
  • The ancient city of Myra lies further down the coast, it is well known for its Lycian rock-cut tombs and a display of impressive Roman Amphitheatre that will provide you with a glimpse into Turkey’s diverse cultural influences with a lasting impact.

Outdoor Activities for an Adrenaline Pumping Experience 

The turquoise waters and the long coastline of Turkey is a heaven for you if you love outdoor activities. So lace up your hiking boots and explore the treasure trove of outdoor extravaganzas that will leave you spellbound. Turkish outdoor activities will be a relaxing and fun experience that can not be missed out on.  Turkey’s coastline and mediterranean adventures offer a range of outdoor activities like

  • The Lycian Way would be your long distance trail that will meander through ancient ruins, pine forests and panoramic viewpoints. This will provide you with an intimate connection with the region’s natural beauty and cultural heritage. This trial will allow you to indulge in panoramic views and explore hidden coves and secluded beaches.
  • If you need a rush of adrenaline, the Saklikent Gorge provides you with an opportunity for canyoning and river trekking in the stunning tapestry of scenery for an awe inspiring memory.
  • The Taurus Mountains with its rugged terrain would be perfect for your rock climbing and off-road adventures in Turkey. This will be a perfect getaway offering a thrilling contrast to the tranquil of coastal landscapes.

Charming Coastal Towns and a Unique Indulgence in Awe Inspiring Culture 

The Turkish Coast is dotted with charming coastal towns with a unique blend of tradition and modernity. These towns will be your getaway to a historical rendezvous for a remarkable journey into the coastal towns that still have the remains of antiquities and tell century old stories. These towns would be your chance to get insights into Turkish towns and offer a whole new perspective on a rich inspiring culture of Turkey that is still followed.

  • Fethiye is a bustling market, vibrant with nightlife and a marina that will be your rendezvous for exploring the surrounding wonders.
  • Kas will be your destination to stroll through the narrow streets and marvel at the picturesque town which is further exemplified by its colorful bougainvillea- covered houses and lively atmosphere.
  • Kayakoy will offer you a taste of authentic Turkish culture. This is a quaint village will warm your heart with a welcoming atmosphere inviting you to immerse in a local way of life
  • Antalya and Kleici  has a vibrant atmosphere with its perfect blend of modernities and historic charm. Kaleici has an intricate network of narrow cobblestone streets and Ottoman-era houses and lively bazaars.
  • Culinary Indulgence along the Mediterranean

A long journey along the Turkish Mediterranean coast would be haphazard without an indulgence in the culinary delight. This would be a feast for your senses with a rich combination of Turkish cuisine and a delightful seafood experience with a seaside view. You can smell aromatic spices and the locally sourced spices that will increase your appetite multifold.

Savor traditional Turkish breakfast overlooking the Mediterranean, featuring olives, cheeses, tomatoes and freshly baked bread. You can also delve in regional specialities like grilled octopus, kebabs and mezes. You can also compliment your meals with traditional Turkish wine called raki.

Nature Exploration along The Mediterranean 

The diverse landscapes along the Turkish Mediterranean coast can not be left out. Along with being a canvas of activities it is also soothing for the eyes. With jeep safaris, kayaking and paragliding you can see exotic gorges, lush green vegetation, rugged terrain. From bustling beaches of Antalya to Butterfly valleys for a more secluded experience, Turkey beckons unspoiled beauty as a haven for tourists from all around the world.


A journey along the Turkish Mediterranean coast promises to be full of amazing experiences that will unfold against the pristine backdrop of azure waters and vibrant culture. If you choose Turkey as one of your destinations from Europe Tour Packages you can delve in an exquisite experience from the sun drenched golden beaches to captivating historical sites, every moment will pull you towards exploration and relaxation. As you embark on your coastal adventure in Turkey with Turkey Tour Packages, experience the warmth of the Mediterranean sun, a rich tapestry of history and a thrill of outdoor activities will be your ultimate getaway. So get ready to go on an excursion to the Turkish Riviera which is not just a destination that is a mosaic waiting to be discovered and create memories that last a lifetime.