The blazing-fast Vande Bharat Express is revolutionizing train travel in India

Millions of commuters and tourists have relied on India’s railway system for transportation. The Vande Bharat Express is a representation of modernism, effectiveness, and astounding speed inside the Indian Railways in this era of invention and technology. The Vande Bharat Express will be thoroughly examined in this article, including its route, ticket costs, presence in Kerala, the Howrah-Puri route, and its amazing speed.

The Launch of the Vande Bharat Express

A semi-high-speed intercity electric multiple unit (EMU) train built in India is the Vande Bharat Express, commonly known as Train 18. It was established in an effort to make travel for passengers more relaxing, effective, and quick.

Route of Vande Bharat Express

The Varanasi-Delhi Corridor

The Delhi-Varanasi route served as the Vande Bharat Express’s initial operating location. The Vande Bharat express route connects Varanasi, one of the oldest and holiest cities in India, with New Delhi, the nation’s capital, and is around 780 kilometers long.

Increasing Horizons

After a successful launch, plans were made to introduce Vande Bharat Express on additional significant lines throughout the nation, adding value to India’s rail network.

Price of a Vande Bharat Express ticket

Cost-effective Luxury

Given the degree of comfort and convenience it provides, the Vande Bharat Express’s cost is one of its distinguishing qualities. This train’s competitively priced tickets make it affordable for a variety of people.

Different Classes

The Vande Bharat Express offers many classes of travel, including Executive Class and Chair Car, just like other trains in India. The Vande Bharat express ticket price varies based on the class selected, with Executive Class often costing more because of the additional comforts and services it offers.

In Kerala, Vande Bharat Express

Bringing the Southern State Together

The Vande Bharat Express has been welcomed in Kerala, a state renowned for its stunning natural surroundings and dynamic culture. By connecting the southern state, this train has increased connectivity for both visitors and residents.

Kerala’s Relationship

The addition of the Vande Bharat express train Kerala has improved train connectivity between the state and other significant cities, enabling more comfortable travel

Puri Vande Bharat Express from Howrah

A New Adventure

The Vande Bharat Express has been a blessing on the Howrah-Puri route in Eastern India. This route connects the frantic metropolis of Kolkata (Howrah) with the tranquil pilgrimage site of Puri in the Indian state of Odisha.

Comfort and Quickness

With contemporary amenities and quick turnaround times, the Howrah Puri Vande Bharat Express provides passengers with both comfort and speed.

Speed of Vande Bharat Train

India at High Speed

One of the fastest trains in India, the Vande Bharat Express is renowned for its astounding speed. Significantly lowering travel times between major cities, it regularly travels at speeds of up to 180 km/h (112 mph).

Effects of Speed

Indian rail travel has been transformed by the Vande Bharat train speed capabilities. Long distance travel may now be completed in a significant amount less time, making it a popular option for both business and pleasure travel.


The Vande Bharat Express is evidence of India’s dedication to upgrading its rail system while keeping fares and accessibility for travelers. It has become a crucial component of India’s rail infrastructure thanks to its extension to other lines, including its presence in Kerala and on the Howrah-Puri route.

A game-changer in the world of rail travel, Vande Bharat Express offers comfort, affordability, and breathtaking speed. The Vande Bharat Express stands as a bright example of creativity and efficiency as India strives to modernize its railways, boosting the travel experience for millions of passengers throughout the nation.