Shipping Your Luxury Cars – What Are The Important Things You Need to Know

Luxury cars are significant and emotional investments for every car lovers. When you are shipping an expensive car, you need a careful planning and execution to ensure that your vehicle arrives safely and on time. In this article, you will learn everything you need to know about luxury car shipping.

How to find a car shipping company that meets your luxury needs?

An experienced and reputed shipping company can efficiently handle your luxury car shipment. Different shipping companies are specialized in handing different types of vehicles. Hence, you must choose the one which is suitable for your car. You must review their track records, services and license on the BBB’s website, shipping methods, and their essential insurance coverage for luxury cars.

Ship a Car, Inc, in Florida, U.S.A., has over 35 years of experience in handling luxury car transportation throughout the USA. You can click here to get an online quote and know more about their exclusive zero deductible insurance coverage. They do not charge any upfront deposit. They provide a dedicated team of luxury car shipping experts to help you through the steps from picking to the deliverance at your doorsteps.

What is the safest shipping method for your luxury car?

While shipping your luxury car, you must ensure that your car gets the most protection against any in-transit damages. An open-air shipment is the most common and cheap form to ship your car. When it comes to shipping a luxury car, enclosed shipping with door-to-door delivery services are ideally the safest option for sports, luxury, and antique cars.

Enclosed shipping method is expensive, but it provides the highest-level of protection from weather, debris, dirt and dust, and other elements during transit. Ship a Car, Inc. provides an extra full body protection with enclosed shipment method to protect your luxury car from damages and theft. In an enclosed shipment, your car is transported in a covered and dedicated trailer.

Generally, your shipping costs are based on the shipping distance, car model or type, car conditions, shipment method, and time of the year.

What are the things to do before your luxury car pickup?

Before your car is picked up for shipment, you must collect the copies of general and supplementary insurance policies and all other contractual agreements.

In addition to this, you must also perform the following steps to secure your luxury car.

  1. Clean, wash and carefully inspect your car.
  2. Remove all personal items and turn off electronic items from the car.
  3. Inspect your car carefully for any pre-shipment damages, battery, tires, and fluid leakages.
  4. Note and take photos of any external damages.
  5. Collect a proper and duly signed copy of the Bill of Lading.

What to do upon arrival of your car?

Before signing the delivery confirmation receipt, you must thoroughly inspect the condition of your car for any transit damages. In case of any damage, you need to take the photos of the damages clearly from different angles and mention the damage particulars in details on the Bill of lading. Then you must take driver’s signature to avail the claims.

Choosing a reputed and trusted shipper like Ship a Car, Inc. will also give you peace of mind while your luxury car is transported safely at your doorstep.