Share Prices of Atul Auto, Rico Auto, JBM Auto, and Jamna Auto


India’s automobile industry is a vibrant and constantly changing one, and keeping a watch on the share prices of major players can give you important information about its performance and trends. The share prices of four well-known auto industry companies—Atul Auto, Rico Auto, JBM Auto, and Jamna Auto—will be examined in this article. We’ll also go over each company in detail and discuss the most recent share prices.

  1. Navigating the Roads of Mobility with Atul Auto

India’s top producer of three-wheeled commercial vehicles is Atul Auto Limited. The company, which was founded in 1986, has built a reputation for its creative and long-lasting products.

  • Business Overview:

Three-wheeled vehicles from Atul Auto are available to meet a wide range of commercial purposes. Across the nation, these vehicles are frequently utilized for both passenger and cargo transportation.

  • The latest share price is:

Atul Auto share price is Rs.575, which reflects the company’s current stock market valuation.

  1. Driving Innovation in Automotive Components: Rico Auto

A reputable name in the industry of producing auto components is Rico Auto Industries Limited. Rico Auto has been in business since 1983 and is well known for its top-notch goods.

  • Business Overview:

Rico Auto is an expert in creating a variety of auto parts, such as parts for the engine and transmission, aluminum die-casting goods, and more. The company provides services to both domestic and foreign markets.

  • The latest share price is:

The most recent Rico Auto share price is Rs.83.50, which reflects investor sentiment and the company’s position in the market.

  1. Pioneering Sustainable Mobility Solutions: JBM Auto

JBM Auto Limited is renowned for its dedication to environmentally friendly and sustainable transportation options. The 1989-founded company has dabbled in hybrid and electric vehicle technology.

  • Business Overview:

Buses, auto rickshaws, and electric vehicles are just a few of the vehicles that JBM Auto produces. The company’s emphasis on green mobility is in line with international initiatives to cut carbon emissions.

  • The latest share price is:

JBM Auto share price, which reflects its standing on the stock market as it adopts sustainable mobility, is Rs.1488.

  1. A Pioneer in Suspension Systems is Jamna Auto

The company Jamna Auto Industries Limited is well-known for producing suspension systems for commercial vehicles. The company has expanded extremely since it was founded in 1954.

  • Business Overview:

An essential part of commercial vehicle suspension systems, parabolic and multi-leaf springs are produced by Jamna Auto. To provide a stable and comfortable ride, these springs are essential.

  • The latest share price is:

Jamna Auto share price is Rs.122, reflecting both its performance and investor confidence in the auto components industry.

  • Considerations for Investors:

Before making an investment decision, investors should do extensive research because stock market investing carries dangers. It is important to take into account variables including the companies’ financial standing, market trends, and industry forecasts.


The performance of these important firms in the Indian auto sector is well-understood by looking at the share prices of Atul Auto, Rico Auto, JBM Auto, and Jamna Auto. These companies provide a variety of products, including three-wheeled commercial vehicles, auto components, and sustainable transportation solutions. As investors and business aficionados, keeping an eye on their share prices might aid us in assessing the state and trends of this dynamic industry. It’s important to keep in mind that the stock market can fluctuate and that past performance does not guarantee future outcomes. Therefore, following careful examination and assessment of all pertinent facts, wise investing selections should be taken.