PM Kisan Beneficiary List and Status: Everything You Need to Know


For Indian farmers, the PM-Kisan scheme has proven to be a lifeline. It intends to offer eligible farmers around the nation support and financial aid. In this in-depth explanation, we’ll look at the PM Kisan Beneficiary Scheme, how to check beneficiary status using a mobile number, what “beneficiary” means in Hindi, and the significance of this scheme in transforming the lives of Indian farmers.

Beneficiaries on PM Kisan’s list: empowering farmers

The PM kisan beneficiary list, ensures that aid reaches the worthy.

Becoming a beneficiary on the PM Kisan list

For farmers, being listed as a beneficiary under PM Kisan is a huge milestone. A farmer must fulfill a number of requirements, such as citizenship and land ownership requirements, in order to be eligible. As soon as they are accepted, they are considered scheme beneficiaries and are eligible for government funding.

Using a Mobile Number to Check the Beneficiary Status for PM Kisan.

Having Quick and Easy Access to Important Information.

PM Kisan beneficiary status mobile number can be used to simply verify their beneficiary status.

Step 1: is to go to the PM Kisan Portal.

Start by going to the official PM Kisan website.

Step 2: Select “Beneficiary Status”

The “Beneficiary Status” option is prominently visible on the portal’s front page; find it and click on it.

Step 3: Enter your account or Aadhar number.

Either your Aadhar number or the account number associated with your PM-Kisan application will be requested of you.

Step 4: Verify Captcha and submit

Click the “Submit” button after entering the captcha code that appears on the screen.

Step 5: Receive an SMS notification

Upon successful submission, an SMS notification including the most recent details regarding the status of your PM Kisan beneficiary application will be delivered to the registered mobile number you provided.

Status of PM Beneficiary: Providing Financial Support

The success of the PM-Kisan scheme depends critically on understanding the beneficiary status of the PM.

What Your Beneficiary Status Means

The beneficiary status represents how your PM-Kisan application is currently progressing. It may indicate that your application was approved, denied, or is awaiting verification. Additionally, if relevant, it gives information on the sum that was paid to you.

In Hindi, the word “benefit” means “to be of benefit.”

Beneficiary meaning in hindi is लाभार्थी.”

Looking into the Hindi Term

” लाभार्थी ” designates a person qualified to receive benefits or financial aid from the government in the context of government schemes like PM-Kisan. It primarily refers to eligible farmers who receive crucial financial support to improve their means of subsistence and agricultural endeavors in the PM-Kisan scheme.


The PM-Kisan program, which has been crucial in empowering farmers across India, includes the beneficiary list, status, and the Hindi term “beneficiary” (लाभार्थी). Transparency and easy access to important data are guaranteed by the capability to check PM beneficiary status using a cellphone number. Understanding the significance of this term in Hindi reveals the significance of beneficiaries in government programs, which greatly enhances the welfare and development of the Indian agriculture industry. The PM-Kisan Scheme is evidence of the government’s dedication to transforming farmers’ lives and strengthening the country’s agricultural sector.