Investment Options for 2022

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With the drop in coronavirus contamination, registered in several parts of the world and mainly due to the advance of vaccination, entrepreneurs are thinking about new businesses and investment options for 2022.

With the consolidation of the digital market, which accelerated with the pandemic, it is likely that the market will follow this trend, however, also because of the pandemic, a new / old need will emerge, in the most varied populations, to experience real things, to in addition to the internet.

It is necessary to be cautious when investing, as a good deal must also be thought of in the long term. Thinking about the most varied scenarios is pertinent. If the pandemic ends in less than two years, current needs and trends may no longer be consumed.

Investments for 2022


After going through four vacations without traveling, tourism could become a trend in 2022. It is necessary to reflect on innovation, as the public will become increasingly demanding. Not to mention the new generation, which over these two years has been going through the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Companies need to think that these new adults have gone through a transition process at home, having different experiences in the most varied aspects, especially in the digital age.

Merging tourism and technology can be a good option for those who are going to venture into the travel and tourism market.


The sudden interest in electronics is not new, the branch revealed that it came with everything and to stay. What needs to be thought about in this sense is how and what to invest, since it is a highly competitive market.

The answer to these questions can be summed up in one word: technology. Since it is going to invest in the electronics market, it is necessary to bring news and invest in discovering it.

On the other hand, micro-entrepreneurs, who only think about the final sale of products, can explore digital marketing, as the public interested in this type of product is usually part of digital clusters.


The fashion market has always moved millions in many parts of the world. However, its activities were relatively closed, also because of the pandemic. At this juncture, people left aside the desire to dress well and started to adopt more comfortable clothes, pajamas, nightgowns and even slippers.

Without a doubt, this sector was one of the most economically affected, however, with the almost urgent need for people to participate in events, concerts, trips, etc. Fashion can return to the center of the entertainment industry.


The creative entrepreneurship that has been growing since 2018, may reach its peak with the dreamed end of the pandemic. The barriers that kept the creative from approaching the industry can finally be broken, making room for the industry’s success.

With regard to events in general, the stoppage of artists and people who work directly or indirectly with art gave these professionals the opportunity to study and improve, as na economy, the techniques of bussines.

With this, the biggest difficulty faced by this market, which is to convince creatives (artists), that art is also a recipe, and to convince economists about the importance of art in generating income and employment, may disappear.

What merged with the great need and demand for events is likely to result in a great success for the sector.

Very soon we will have a series of cultural, literary, gastronomic, craft fairs, many musical shows, theatrical presentations, short and feature films and dance shows.

But the fun doesn’t stop there, the entertainment business has many spheres. The older audience, for example, may prefer to return to traditional games such as Brazilian lotteries, which are electrifying. In Brazil, many elderly people go every day to Casa Lotérica to check the results of Quina, for example, which includes millionaire prizes almost daily. Throughout the pandemic, the number of games also dropped. Now the scenario is starting to change, mainly due to the fact that most elderly people are already vaccinated.


Science needs to walk at least two steps ahead of the new coronavirus, which has been mutating. The gradual return of the economy, we can write, even on a global level, still suffers threats from the virus, especially after the news of a variant more sensitive to the vaccine.

Anyone wishing to carry out any type of investment for 2022 must evaluate all possible frames, so that instead of making a profit, the action does not result in loss.