How to Protect Your Car from Theft

Car theft is so common that you see a growth of 7% per year. So it becomes important for you to protect your car from theft. Considering this, automobile manufacturers have increased the number of car security features. But thieves are also highly clever. They, too, have upped their game when it comes to innovative theft strategies

You can protect your car from theft and follow preventive practices which will ensure that your car stays safe. Thieves have gotten highly savvy and use innovative strategies to rob your car.

One of the most important areas that need protection is the car door. A car door guard protects the doors from damage, dents and scratches. If you park your car in a tight spot, there is a chance for the door to contact an obstacle. The flexible rubber material of a door guard absorbs the impact and protects the car from scratches. Sometimes thieves look to break open the car and dent the door, and the door guard offers resistance

You must invest in the best car safety accessories to protect your car from theft. Be alert and responsible so that you can control the safety of your car. 

Let us discover some key takeaways that will help prevent theft from occurring in your car.

What Basic Things Must You Keep In Mind To Protect Your Car From Theft?

There are three basic things you have to keep in mind to prevent car theft:

Ensure All the Windows Get Rolled Up-

This is the most basic step you must remember, but you often forget. It would be best to always remember to check if the windows get rolled up properly before leaving your car. Apart from this, the sunroof and the car door must get locked properly.

Even if a tiny bit remains unclosed, a thief can use his tricks to open the car. Thus, you must protect your car from theft and close all windows before leaving.

Ensure That All the Doors Get Locked Properly-

This is another elementary step that most people casually forget. An extremely large number of cars get stolen because the doors aren’t locked. This is similar to giving a thief a free pass to steal your car. 

You shouldn’t get overconfident and leave the door open to protect your car from theft. Due to the different thoughts circulating in our minds, we often forget even the simplest things. Sometimes the central locking system fails to work so only the driver must lock the door. 

Never Forget the Name Plate and the Car Model-

And finally, you should always remember the name of your car’s model and the number plate. It is easy to remember the model but to help the police, it would help to remember the car number. If you remember the nameplate, you can protect your car from theft.

What Are Some Accessories That Prevent Car Theft?

Kill Switch Engine Button

A kill switch engine button, also known as an emergency stop, cuts the power of the car’s vital parts. The important parts include the ignition or fuel tank. Once you finish driving, keep the kill switch in the on position and hide it securely. 

When driving, secretly disengage the kill switch, and your car will work normally. Thus, a kill switch is one of the best ways to protect your car from theft.

Apply Car Steering Lock & Gear Lock

This is a very old yet effective car protection strategy. A steering lock is a visible protective device, unlike the kill switch. It is a metal locking rod installed along the steering wheel’s width that disables it.

A similar device is a gear lock that locks the gear and prevents the thief from moving the gear. It is generally integrated into the reverse gear. These locks usually get factory fitted, or you can apply aftermarket sources.

Use A GPS Tracker

A GPS tracker is a modern-day gadget that most car manufacturers install in their cars. It connects to your mobile and provides 24×7 information about the location of your car. Therefore, even if a thief steals your car, you can always recover it using a tracking device. 

If you provide the necessary information to the police, you can get real-time data about your car’s whereabouts. So, using GPS will help you protect your car from theft.

Use A Dashcam

A dashcam is an excellent thief deterrent. The camera records unexpected events such as car theft or accident. In case of car theft, it helps to track down the culprits and find their location.

This critical information will help you protect your car from theft. Choosing quality products can be difficult, especially when our car’s safety is concerned. But Carorbis provides the solution and offers the best car protection accessories. The products get verified and are of premier quality, and you must invest without hesitation.