How to Make a Wall Hanging craft in just 5 Minutes from waste Materials.


Self-expression through art has always been a possibility for people, allowing them to give physical form to their deepest emotions and thoughts. DIY crafts have skyrocketed in popularity in recent years as individuals of all ages have begun to embrace their creative sides. Making wall hanging craft out of waste materials like ice cream sticks is one especially fascinating subculture within the field of DIY crafts. In this post, we’ll dig into the world of wall hanging crafts, concentrating especially on the creative and time-saving idea of 5-minute crafts made out of waste materials.

Art Made with Waste Materials

Recycling trash into works of art is a noble task in today’s society, where environmental awareness is rising. It not only minimizes waste but also frees up our creative potential. Ice cream sticks are among the most practical and accessible scrap materials for crafting.

Ice Cream Sticks: A Magical Food

Ice cream sticks, which are frequently made of wood or plastic, are sometimes disregarded for their potential as handicraft supplies. They may, however, be made into beautiful wall hangings in a matter of easy steps and are highly versatile. Here’s how to transform these uninteresting sticks into beautiful creations:

Get Your Materials Together: To make a simple ice cream stick craft, you’ll need a lot of ice cream sticks, some acrylic paint, a paintbrush and a glue gun.

Painting the Sticks: Begin by painting the ice cream sticks in the colors you want. Your inventiveness may really come to the fore here. You might choose a pastel color scheme, a rainbow theme, or even a rustic, natural aesthetic by using wood stain.

After the sticks have dried: design and assemble them in the desired pattern. You can make geometric patterns, abstract forms, or even the letters of motivational phrases.

Stick Them Together: To hold the sticks together, use a hot glue gun. Use hot glue with caution to prevent burns. Make sure to include a string loop at the top so it can be hung.

Add Decorative Elements: To give your work a little extra flair, think about combining other waste items like buttons, beads, or leftover fabric. To improve the overall looks, these can be adhered to the ice cream sticks.

Allow Your Wall Hanging to Dry: Before hanging your wall hanging, give it time to thoroughly dry. This will guarantee its durability and sturdiness.

The Allure of Five Minute Crafts

Let’s now discuss the idea of 5 minute craft. It might be difficult to find time for hobbies and artistic endeavours in the fast-paced world of today. This is where the allure of quick and simple crafts comes from. Making something lovely and rewarding in a short amount of time is the main goal of 5-minute crafts.

5 Minutes to Create Wall Hangings

There are simplified ice cream stick wall hanging designs that may be finished in only five minutes, however producing an intricate masterpiece might take longer. Here is a quick reference:

Prepare Your Materials: Have your string, glue gun, and painted ice cream sticks available.

Organize and Glue: Quickly arrange the sticks in a straightforward pattern or design, and then affix them with glue. Don’t forget to secure the string loop for hanging.

Admire Your Work: When the glue has dried, your adorable wall hanging is prepared to beautify your room. It proves that creativity doesn’t always involve putting in long hours of work.


Finally, wall hanging crafts made from trash, like ice cream sticks, are a great way to combine creativity with ecology. There is a wall hanging craft project that can match your schedule, regardless of how much time you have available. Therefore, gather those ice cream sticks, let your creativity run wild, and watch as your trash materials are transformed into lovely works of art that will beautify your home. With these straightforward but useful waste material craft, you may unleash your inner creative force and make something amazing from the most unlikely of materials.