How Honey Makes Money with Shopping Carts and Coupon Codes

This may be a rather off-topic question, but I am going to ask anyway; How does honey make money? You would think that a question like this would bring more questions, and I can understand wanting to know how someone makes money, but I don’t really see where this fits into the whole “make money” theme. You see, honey is not really considered “money”, because it does not have any monetary value outside of liquidating it and using it as an ingredient in your next dish. So how can honey make money for you?

Honey Companies

You can make money on the Internet with products you have on your website or through affiliate marketing programs. Honey companies sell directly to consumers in the form of a liquid honey spread or in jar form as a supplement. It s kind of similar to they have real estate on your web browser, and it’s pretty damn funny to hear someone say that how honey makes money with an app was actually by a person that was kind of bummed out and cash poor, so basically he was hunting for coupons so that he could get a cheap pizza for his children. That is pretty accurate, although maybe not quite the most accurate description I have ever heard of how honey makes money with an app. But still, that is a valid point.


Companies like Shoppelbooks allow you to shop online for items you are interested in. You purchase your items from the company and they then have you send the items you want to others via email and make money from the various commissions and fees that they charge you. So basically, you’re making money by shopping at a store and then selling items on an app.

Business Model Works Pretty

This type of business model works pretty well when there is a demand for a product and not enough supply. For example, if there are only a few copies of a certain book in existence, then the author has no need to create a different version of the book just so people can order it via an app. The same goes for new software or new versions of websites. Basically, there is enough demand for the product, so the owner makes money from it via an app or an application.

How Companies Make Money

Now, let’s look at how this type of app or tool would fit into the larger picture of how companies make money. Let’s say you are already logged into your account at Shopzilla and you go to the grocery store. You bring your debit card and use it to make your purchase. While you are at the store, you notice that there are a lot of products you do not need. This can be attributed to the fact that there is not enough cash on hand to cover all of the purchases you are making.

How Honey Makes Money?

So what does this have to do with how honey makes money? Well, as you know, the company affiliated with every single sale you make makes more money than you will ever see. So all of those stores, websites, and other types of affiliate coupon sites are making billions of dollars. Now, imagine if you had a tool that could allow you to earn even more while you are at the store. This is exactly what the affiliate coupon sites are trying to offer you.\

Shopping Cart Extensions

An extension or a website that converts a site to a website and gives you a commission for every sale you make is exactly what this type of software does. There are two types of software available, one that uses your own shopping cart and one that utilizes a payment processor such as PayPal. Some of the larger companies such as Amazon and eBay do not have their own shopping cart extensions. However, they do have affiliate program portals where you can join for free and then pay to upgrade your membership.

So, now you have a better understanding of how this works and why it is such a lucrative industry. We recommend you take a look at the newest video extension system called haggle videos. It allows you to make a profit from shopping and you can make money using coupon codes!