Ghost Track Review

Ghost Song Review

In the first few minutes of the game, you’ll instantly notice that Ghost Track has two primary ideas. Level style, opponent layouts, and environmental impacts are based on Metroid. Single-block upright platforming similar to Super Metroid and the key enemy layout looking strangely comparable to a Chozo will make any type of Samus follower feel at home. As for gameplay, Ghost Tune draws greatly from Dark Spirits. You lose your currency when falling in the fight, needing to travel back to where you last died to reclaim them. Using those, you can level up particular statistics, like wellness or damage, at statuaries around the map. There are flask equivalents, which can be used at any time and refilled at conserve factors.

Perhaps the largest Souls-like ideas come from the game’s difficulty. You’re discovering a huge, open globe, collecting upgrades, and making progress throughout the tale. Unlike Metroid or Dark Souls, the story plays a bigger role here. Uncovering who, what, and where you are, is your main objective, and along the way, you’ll come across several characters (some even more active than others) that will help you along your quest. The enigmas of The Dead suit and the background of the world you’re discovering are highlights.

What is The Callisto Protocol, As for playing the game on Switch, however, some technological troubles interfere with the total experience. The video game looks great, with highly described backgrounds and a great art design. The same cannot be stated by exactly how well the video game runs; nevertheless, there were regular structure decreases and input lag throughout the battle and expedition. Even worse, loading times between screens are unbelievably long, occasionally upwards of 10-15 seconds. Thinking about exactly how typically you are taking a trip between displays, specifically while backtracking, the tons of times considerably obstruct the rate of the game. These problems might be resolved via spots, but at launch, they include a considerable certification to what would otherwise be an extremely solid suggestion.


Ghost Tune is a game that wears its inspirations on its sleeve with pride, and although it may feel a bit acquired at times, it can still develop its own identity through a great battle system and unique worldbuilding. While the video game can be brutally difficult, “explorer” mode makes it much more available than it would otherwise. Sadly, the video game deals with considerable efficiency troubles on Change, from an inconsistent frame price to extensive filling times that damage any flow the video game has. If you’re willing and able to look past those issues, Ghost Song Review is a very easy referral for any and all fans of the Metroidvania category.