Exploring the Cuts of Moissanite Diamond

Moissanite diamonds dazzle with unparalleled brilliance thanks to their exceptional hardness and refractive properties. Maximizing these qualities depends on the precise cut of the moissanite stone. Unlike other gemstones, moissanites are primarily cut in shapes that optimize light performance. The nuanced cutting techniques produce stones of spectacular fire and sparkle.

Round brilliant is the most common moissanite cut, exhibiting a balance of brilliance and dispersion. Its 58 precisely angled facets reflect light back through the top for unrivaled radiance. The round cut’s elegance works with any setting, ring style and wearer.

Cushion cut moissanite diamond combines a square center with rounded corners. With larger facets that intensify fire, it provides a glamorous vintage look. Cushion cut moissanites often appear gently pillowed for a romantic vibe. Their softer edges offer a departure from stark square cuts.

Oval cut moissanites make elongated round brilliants. Their elliptical shape with brilliant faceting gives a gracefully elongated sparkle. Hand-set oval moissanites must be carefully matched to eliminate bow-tie darkening at ends. When aligned, ovals create a beautiful evenly distributed glow.

The radiant cut’s unmatched scintillation comes from its square or rectangular outlines with cropped corners. Step cuts on crown and pavilion produce showers of light. Radiants dazzle nearly as much as rounds but with contemporary edge.

Moissanite diamond performs well in transitional shapes too. The marquise cut’s elongated outline requires precise faceting to distribute light. Trilliant or triangle cuts employ triangular facets emanating lustrous fires. Both shapes suit Art Deco styles.

Moissanite diamonds unleash their unparalleled brilliance through intentional cuts. While rounds remain classics, shapes like cushions, ovals, and radiants reveal moissanite’s varied dazzling personalities. Cutting techniques specialized to moissanite make it a top alternative for eye-catching shine.