Explore the luxurious retreats offered by ITC’s Royal Bengal, Grand Chola, and Grand Bharat

Introduction: The ITC World

ITC – More Than Just an Acronym

The conglomerate ITC Limited, also known as just “ITC,” is well-known in India’s business community. ITC stands for a tradition of excellence across several industries, including hospitality, and is more than just an acronym. We explore the world of ITC’s opulent getaways in this piece, featuring the splendor and majesty of ITC Royal Bengal, ITC Grand Chola, and ITC Grand Bharat.

Unveiling the Multifaceted Giant is the ITC’s full name.

ITC’s Numerous Business Efforts

Let’s unravel the Isss’s full form before we delve into the world of premium hospitality. ITC stands for “Indian Tobacco Company,” a name that pays homage to the company’s tobacco-related roots. ITC, however, has changed dramatically over time, expanding its portfolio into a variety of industries, including FMCG, agribusiness, paperboards, and hotels.

ITC is a multidimensional behemoth with its roots firmly in sustainability and ethical business conduct today. Some of India’s most recognizable luxury destinations have emerged as a result of its push into the hotel industry.

Where Luxury Meets Tradition at ITC Royal Bengal

A Royal Experience in the Heart of Kolkata

The ITC Royal Bengal is a symbol of Kolkata’s modernism and rich cultural legacy. It is located right in the center of the city. Under the direction of ITC, this five-star luxury hotel has redefined splendor in the “City of Joy.” ITC Royal Bengal provides visitors with a royal experience unlike any other because of its stunning architecture and top-notch amenities.

ITC Royal Bengal’s director, Gaurav Soneja, has been instrumental in transforming this magnificent resort into a representation of opulence. The hotel has won countless medals and prizes under Gaurav Soneja’s direction for its unrivaled hospitality, culinary pleasures, and dedication to sustainability.

A Tribute to the Chola Dynasty: ITC Grand Chola

The pinnacle of luxury in South India

ITC Grand Chola is a monument to the illustrious Chola dynasty and is located in the southern metropolis of Chennai. While providing visitors with a modern, opulent experience, this architectural wonder honors the splendor and creativity of ancient South India.

ITC Grand Chola, under the direction of Zubin Songadwala, has come to represent the pinnacle of South Indian hospitality. In addition to being a popular choice for discriminating guests, the hotel serves as a venue for important events and conferences thanks to its dedication to conserving cultural history and modern comforts.

ITC Grand Bharat: Gurgaon’s Piece of Paradise

The Best Golf and Spa Resort in India

For those looking to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city, ITC Grand Bharat, located in Gurgaon’s serene surroundings, is a paradise. This magnificent resort is renowned for its expansive golf course, lavish spa, and mouthwatering culinary options. The resort provides a fusion of contemporary luxury and India’s extensive cultural history.

The innovative director Sanjiv Puri was instrumental in turning ITC Grand Bharat into a benchmark of luxury. The resort provides an unmatched experience in the height of luxury with its dedication to fostering indigenous art, wellness, and ecological practices.

Conclusion: The Great Legacy of ITC

ITC – Making Luxurious Products with a Purpose

As our voyage through the opulent worlds of ITC Royal Bengal, ITC Grand Chola, and ITC Grand Bharat comes to an end, we get to see the impressive legacy of ITC, a corporation that evolved from its tobacco-related roots to become a multidimensional juggernaut. These three outstanding resorts under the ITC brand stand for not only magnificence but also a dedication to safeguarding India’s rich cultural history, promoting sustainability, and providing visitors with life-changing experiences.

Directors like Sanjiv Puri are a prime example of ITC’s commitment to innovation and excellence in the hospitality industry. ITC’s luxury retreats beckon, promising an unmatched trip through India’s cultural tapestry and modern magnificence, whether you’re looking for a regal experience in Kolkata, a tribute to ancient India in Chennai, or a peaceful respite in Gurgaon.