Coal India Developments- Dividend, Tender, Recruitment and News


Coal India Limited is a dominant figure in the shifting coal sector landscape. This state-owned behemoth has drawn attention from investors, job seekers, and industry aficionados because to its significant impact on India’s energy industry and economy. In this post, we examine the latest developments involving Coal India, such as tenders, recruitment, and notable dividend news. Let’s examine the recent events that have influenced the company’s course.

Dividend from Coal India: Honoring Shareholders

Generous Dividend Payouts from Coal India

The latest dividend declaration simply serves to reiterate Coal India Limited’s long-standing commitment to repaying its shareholders. Coal India has declared a sizeable dividend for its investors under the smart management of Mr. Pramod Agrawal, the company’s Chairman and Managing Director. The company has been successfully steered by Mr. Agrawal, a seasoned expert with considerable experience in the mining industry.

Coal India dividend for the fiscal year March 2023 of INR 24.25 per share, a move that highlights the company’s financial stability and strong performance. The company’s commitment to creating wealth for its institutional and retail shareholders is reflected in this choice.

Tenders for Coal from India: Exploring New Possibilities

Coal India’s Tender-Based Expansion

Beyond its mining activities, Coal India pursues expansion and innovation tenaciously. In order to broaden its portfolio, the company has been actively participating in a number of tenders, looking for partnerships, and investigating new opportunities.

Coal India tenders recently for CIL/CV&IC/Bedding & Packing, MA&R, Admn/Civil, Admn/sofa. These actions boost the company’s position in the market and help India’s energy security and infrastructure development. Coal India keeps forging ahead and broadening its horizons with Mr. Pramod Agrawal’s strategic nous in charge.

Coal India Recruitment: Workforce Empowerment

Talent Development Efforts by Coal India

The devoted workforce of Coal India is a key component of its success story. Its recruitment efforts exemplify the company’s commitment to developing talent and offering worthwhile job opportunities.

Coal India recruitment drive in 2023, resulting in the hiring of 1764 new personnel in a variety of fields. In addition to improving employment possibilities in the area, this program also strengthens the company’s operational skills. In creating an environment that encourages brilliance and creativity, Mr. Pramod Agrawal’s leadership has been instrumental.

Coal India News: Keeping Up to Date

Staying Current With News From Coal India

Investors, stakeholders, and fans can visit the company official website and coal India news sources to remain up to date on the latest developments at Coal India. A complete resource center with press announcements, financial reports, and other important information is available on the website.

Coal India usually engages with the media in addition to its website to distribute essential news and updates. It is highly advised to follow the company’s official social media profiles for up-to-date information. By doing this, you can be sure that you are knowledgeable about the company’s projects, results, and planned events.


Under Mr. Pramod Agrawal’s inspirational leadership, Coal India Limited has remained a key player in India’s coal and energy industries. The company stands out in the sector due to its unwavering dedication to its shareholders, expansion through tenders, commitment to developing talent, and open communication through numerous news outlets. Coal India continues to be a captivating case study for success and resiliency in a dynamic industry as it develops and adapts to the shifting landscape of energy and natural resources. Keep a close eye on Coal India for any upcoming intriguing developments.