Clearing Snow and Ice Without Damaging Your Pavement: What to Know

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Winter is in full swing, and the local Toledo area has already seen its fair share of snow. If you want your business to remain operational, you need to clear snow and ice as quickly as possible. On the other hand, you must make sure you do not damage your pavement in the process. What do you need to know about removing snow and ice without damaging your pavement?

Learn more about how to protect your commercial asphalt in Toledo, and don’t hesitate to reach out to commercial paving companies in Toledo that can help you remove snow, ice, and other winter precipitation from your property.

1. Deicing Agents

First, you must make sure you think carefully about the deicing agents you use. While chemical agents can work wonders and help you clear out snow and ice quickly, some of them can damage asphalt. For example, they may contain corrosion materials that can cause water to penetrate the surface of your pavement. Then, when the water freezes and thaws within the pavement, it can lead to significant cracks and damage.

Is your payment properly sealed? If so, then you may be able to use certain deicing agents. If you have questions about which agents are best for your needs, reach out to us for clarification.

2. Drainage

Eventually, the snow and ice are going to melt. You need to have proper drainage that will direct the water away from your pavement. What happens to your pavement when it rains? If you see puddles starting to form, this is a sign that you may have drainage problems. You do not want to let water sits on your pavement because it will eventually cause potholes and cracks to form.

Do not forget that you may have gutters pointing away from your building but toward your asphalt. Make sure you point them away from your pavement as well to prevent puddles and cracks from forming.

3. Shovels

If you have stubborn areas of snow and ice on your pavement, you may want to use a shovel to get rid of it. There is nothing wrong with using a shuttle, but you do not want to use metal blades to remove snow and ice from your driveway. Eventually, you are going to hear them clang on the pavement, and you could crack your asphalt.

If you chip away at your surface, you provide an opportunity for snow and ice to penetrate the protective layer that you have worked so hard to create. Instead, use a rubber blade on the shovel. It is incredibly durable and will not damage your asphalt when you shovel snow.

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