Chronic Pain and the Benefits of Physical Therapy

PT Link Physical Therapy

There are a number of reasons you might be dealing with chronic pain. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy, we understand that you want to enjoy life without debilitating pain. From arthritis to poor core strength, physical therapy can help you gain control over your chronic pain so that you can be more active. Physical therapy can address inflammation, poor range of motion and weak muscles, giving you the ability to live your best life.

Understanding Your Role In Physical Therapy

When you go to physical therapy in Lambertville, MI, you have an active role to play in your treatment. Your goals are important, and you may have exercises to do at home in between sessions. Your success in physical therapy is often determined by how committed you are to the process. While exercises may seem too easy, know that your physical therapist is helping you to gain strength one day at a time.

Pay Attention to Your Body

If exercises your physical therapist prescribes cause your pain to increase, it’s important to listen to your body. Physical therapy in Bowling Green is not supposed to cause you additional pain. Report any new symptoms to your physical therapist, and don’t push yourself to complete exercises that hurt.

Stay Consistent With Treatment

You will probably start feeling much better within a few weeks of treatment with physical therapy in Fairborn. Once you begin to heal, it is important to stay committed to physical therapy. You will continue to see your physical therapist several times a week in the early stages of your recovery. As you get stronger and more mobile, you will be able to see your physical therapist less often. Once treatment goals are met, you will be released from the care of your physical therapist.

Identifying the Causes of Chronic Pain

As you work with a physical therapist, you are going to learn more about the causes of your chronic pain. You may have underlying conditions that you were not aware of. Poor nutrition can cause inflammation, while a lack of motion can lead to pain and stiffness. You may need further imaging done to rule out painful conditions. Your physical therapist will be able to teach you ways to improve your mobility, strength and range of motion over time.

Physical therapy helps you strengthen your body and move more efficiently. While there isn’t a cure for conditions such as arthritis, you can optimize your body in a way that reduces your pain significantly. With the right therapy, you will get stronger and be able to enjoy your life with less pain. Here at PT Link Physical Therapy we know that every patient is different. We work with you to talk about your goals from treatment, and we design a plan that is specific for you. Together we identify what is going on to cause your pain, and we work to ease the pain you are in through a variety of methods.