Can You Use Cell Phones on Allegiant Air

Allegiant Airlines, known for its cheap Allegiant flights, prioritizes safety and regulatory compliance. Passengers frequently inquire about cell phone use on Allegiant Air flights. To be clear, the airline follows Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations, which require all devices to be in airplane mode during the trip. While you can’t make calls, you can still use your cell phone for texting and viewing the web via Wi-Fi. For bookings, visit the Booking Trolley or call +1-585-935-7101. Rest assured; Allegiant prioritizes safety while offering budget-friendly travel options.

Understanding Cell Phone Usage Regulations

Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Regulations:

The Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), the government agency in charge of aviation in the United States, has rigorous rules in place regarding the use of electronic devices, including cell phones, during flights. These rules apply to all airlines that operate in the United States, including Allegiant Air.

Potential Interference:

One of the key reasons for cell phone usage restrictions is the possibility of interference. Even in airplane mode, cell phones have the ability to generate radio waves that could interfere with the aircraft’s navigation, communication, and autopilot systems. The FAA’s extensive research has continually proved that cell phones can interrupt essential aircraft systems, posing threats to flight safety.

Allegiant Air’s Cell Phone Policy

Complete Shutdown Required:

Allegiant Air requires all passengers to turn off their cell phones completely during the flight to ensure the safety and smooth running of their flights. Even in airplane mode, the risk of interference is deemed too great to enable any cell phone use.

In-Flight Reminders:

Allegiant Air flight attendants play an essential role in implementing this policy. Flight attendants encourage passengers to turn off their cell phones before takeoff and landing. This assures compliance with FAA requirements and the safety of all passengers and crew members in the cabin.

Consequences of Non-Compliance:

Passengers discovered using cell phones during the flight may face penalties. These penalties might range from a simple reminder to turn off the phone to severe FAA fines. Violations of these requirements can result in fines of up to $11,000, emphasizing the need for these safety precautions.

Alternatives for Staying Connected

In-Flight Wi-Fi:

Allegiant Air provides in-flight Wi-Fi, allowing passengers to stay connected during the flight. While cell phone usage is banned, our service provides a safe and approved way to use your devices for browsing, communication, and other purposes while following the appropriate safety procedures.

Offline Entertainment:

Preloading your devices with games, music, and films before the flight is a terrific choice for those who want entertainment options. This allows you to keep occupied while traveling without requiring an internet connection, ensuring a comfortable travel experience.

Prepare for Connectivity:

Before the flight, make sure your devices are fully charged. Consider bringing a portable charger to keep them charged throughout the travel. Having enough battery life ensures that you can enjoy your offline entertainment or connect to the in-flight Wi-Fi if you wish to use it.


It is essential to strictly follow FAA restrictions when using cell phones on Allegiant Air flights. The safety of the passengers and the aircraft takes precedence over all other considerations. As a result, cell phones must be turned off completely during the trip.

Allegiant Air offers in-flight Wi-Fi for a charge to customers who want to stay connected. This service provides a handy alternative to traditional cell phone use by allowing you to browse, communicate, and utilize your devices in a secure and approved manner.

Passengers may contribute to a safe and enjoyable air travel experience by learning and following these principles. While cell phones are not permitted, there are other ways to stay engaged and connected throughout your Allegiant Air flight. Travel responsibly and prioritize safety for a smooth and enjoyable trip!