Applying the Method of Test for Closure Torque With the Bottle Cap Torque Tester

bottle cap torque tester

If you operate any type of bottling facility or have a bottling and capping machine on-site for more niche uses, then one of the most important tools to have in your arsenal is the bottle cap torque tester. In fact, without the battle cap torque tester, you could find yourself at risk of a lawsuit for improper operations. That’s because this valuable piece of equipment is essential to ensuring the right amount of torque is used to ensure a cap has securely and correctly adhered to a given bottle.

Unlike other types of machinery, capping machines, due to limitations inherent in their design, are unable to include features that allow users to set or dial in the desired amount of torque. Thus, the bottle cap torque tester provides a nice alternative. With the bottle cap torque tester from SecurePak, users can use the Method of Test for Closure Torque to ensure caps and bottles are securely installed by the capping machine.

Applying the Method of Test for Closure Torque

The Plastic Bottle Institute of the Society of the Plastics Industry developed the Method of Test for Closure Torque so as to overcome the limitations of capping machines and create a common test procedure that every producer and user of bottles and caps could use. This test method is built upon the principle that there is a consistent relationship between the amount of torque that is required to apply a cap and to remove that same cap. Thus, the Method of Test for Closure Torque uses this consistent or correlated relationship in order to determine the best amount of torque. For example, in every situation, when 17-inch pounds of torque is applied to a given cap, the cap will, every time, consistently be removable with 12.5-inch pounds of torque

A bottle cap torque tester should be used for this process of testing the closure torque as it can neatly provide the following key functionalities:

  • Makes it possible to determine the exact correlation between a cap’s application torque and removal torque.
  • Makes it possible to measure the removal torque of the tested capping machine.
  • Makes it possible for owners of the capping machine to accurately calibrate that machine so as to provide the same amount of torque to all caps.
  • When used as a regular testing procedure, such as before each run of new bottles, the bottle cap torque tester gives assurance that the capping machine is properly working and applying the same and equal torque to all caps.

Using the bottle cap torque tester to perform the Method of Test for Closure Torque is easy. Simply clamp the bottle into the tool as indicated in the manufacturer’s instructions and then follow those same instructions to slowly and at an even rate apply or remove the cap. Note, unevenly or erratically applying or removing the cap will cause inaccurate results. It is recommended to perform the test three times in a row on each use until the user is acquainted with the machine.

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