A How to Hide Apps on Your Android Smartphone


Our lives have become completely dependent on our smartphones, which are filled with useful apps and a wealth of private data. The home screen makes it easy to access all of our apps. But there are instances when we might wish to keep some of them secret or hidden from prying eyes. This post will show you how to successfully conceal apps on your Android device, regardless of whether you own a Redmi, Vivo, Realme, or OnePlus smartphone.

How to Hide Apps on a Xiaomi Redmi:

How to hide apps in Redmi, Redmi smartphones, renowned for their feature-rich MIUI user interface, provide an easy method for hiding apps. What to do is as follows:

Obtain Hidden App Opening the “Settings” app on your Redmi.

Discover Hidden Apps: Scroll down and seek for the “Additional Settings” option under the “Settings” menu. On it, tap.

Hide Apps: ‘Button shortcuts’ is a setting under ‘Additional Settings,’ where you can choose to hide apps. Click on “Hide apps” here.

Choose Apps to Hide: After selecting Hide Apps, a list of all installed apps will show up. Choose the apps from the list that you want to hide.

Enter Password or Fingerprint: Depending on your security settings, you might need to enter your device’s password or use the fingerprint sensor to finish the procedure.

Your privacy will now be protected as the chosen apps will no longer be visible in your app drawer.

Hide apps In Vivo

How to hide apps in vivo (FunTouch OS), which is exclusive to Vivo devices, makes it simple to conceal apps:

Open the ‘Settings’ App: the ‘Settings’ app, and then click on it. On your Vivo smartphone, open the ‘Settings’ app.

Select ‘App Lock and Privacy:┬áLocate and select “App Lock and Privacy” from the “Settings” menu.

Enable ‘App Lock’: Turn on the “App Lock” function to enable it.

Selecting Hiding Apps: There will be a list of the installed apps. Choose the apps you want to conceal.

Set Lock Method: To access the hidden apps, you will be requested to set a lock method (password, PIN, or pattern).

Following setup, the selected apps will be locked and hidden behind the selected security technique.

On Realme, how do you hide apps?

How to hide apps in Realme, Realme devices are powered by ColorOS, which provides an easy method for hiding apps:

Access ‘Settings’: Launch the ‘Settings’ app on your Realme smartphone.

Look for ‘Security’: ‘Security’ should be found by scrolling down. On it, tap.

Select ‘App Lock’: ‘App Lock’ should be chosen. The “App Lock” option is located under “Security.”

Set Password: If you haven’t already set up App Lock, you’ll be prompted to enter a password or PIN.

Hide Apps: App Lock enables you to choose which apps to hide from your app drawer after it has been enabled.

Password Confirmation: To confirm and hide the chosen apps, you must enter your password or PIN.

Now that the apps you selected are hidden, your data will be even more private.

Hide Apps In OnePlus:

How to hide apps in oneplus, With certain customisation options, such as the capacity to disable apps, OnePlus smartphones provide a nearly stock Android experience:

Access ‘Settings’: Utilize the ‘Settings’ app on your OnePlus device.

Navigate to ‘Utilities’: Go to ‘Utilities’ by using the following navigation: Locate the “Utilities” section by scrolling down in the “Settings” menu. On it, tap.

Select ‘App Locker’: You can find the ‘App Locker’ feature under ‘Utilities,’ so select that option. Decide on it.

Set Lock Method: If you have never set up App Locker, you will be requested to select a lock method (password, PIN, or fingerprint).

Hide Apps: Apps can be hidden by selecting them from the list after the lock method has been configured.

Confirm Lock Method: In order to finish the procedure, you might need to confirm your lock method (for example, by entering your PIN or fingerprint).

The apps you selected will now be secured and removed from your normal app list.


On an Android smartphone, hiding your apps is a quick but effective approach to protect your privacy. Using built-in security and privacy capabilities, the procedure is essentially the same whether you have a Redmi, Vivo, Realme, or OnePlus handset.

It’s important to use this function properly and respect other people’s privacy, even though concealing apps can add an additional layer of protection. Remember your passwords, PINs, or patterns as well because losing them can make it difficult to access your hidden apps.

With the help of these detailed instructions, you can now have more control over the privacy of your apps and make sure that private or sensitive apps are hidden when necessary.